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Asanté Catering

5450 Power Inn Rd, Suite D,

Sacramento, CA 95820


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For Brenda Barrett, her passion for food "all started with an Easy Bake Oven," but after 34 years in business, Brenda, the owner and operator of Asanté Catering, has shown that healthy, homemade food is important on the family’s dinner table and on the event table. Naming her business after the French translation of “to your health,” Brenda has made it her mission to make healthier options available for events like weddings, or office meetings. Brenda has always enjoyed entertaining guests, and strengthening connections with others through home cooked meals. So in 1987, she created Asanté Catering to bring her mission and passion together into one.




She started her business as a single mother, and eventually led the business as a single entrepreneur. But since then, her daughter has joined forces with her to create a more extensive online presence through the company’s website and social media. Brenda was inspired by her mom’s pastry chef best friend. She instilled Brenda with love of cooking and family, so her aspirations aligned with those of any good home-cook; to create delicious and healthy meals unlike most caterers. Asanté can be set apart from other event catering services because they pride themselves on excellent customer service, and “really taking the time to make things homemade,” while other companies may see quantity as more important than quality. 

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Asanté offers a wide range of delicious food choices on their menu, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So whether you enjoy a classic breakfast, salad, tri-tip, or Tex-Mex, Asanté has options for every palette.

Although COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on a wide range of industries, the catering business has taken an especially hard hit. Since few people gather in large events due to social distancing requirements, the need for event catering has diminished significantly. Asanté had to lay off 19 employees, many of whom were recently hired, and they are struggling with the burden of keeping up with the costs of running a business with little income. Brenda says that “it’s [the shutdown] that's been devastating.” But the Asanté team has been working hard and packaging sealed, individual meals for events with fewer people.

Like many small, local, businesses Asanté has had a huge impact on Brenda, and many regular clients that have relied on their homemade food for events. Please explore some of the menus that Asanté offers, and help keep this 34 year old business afloat during these trying times.