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Shayni George grew up in an art family, and has lived in the greater Sacramento region for nearly her entire life. She had always dreamed of opening her own business, when a few years ago, she got interested in making furniture and upholstery. And in May of 2019, Shayni's dream finally came true when she opened Audacity with her husband and daughter. 

Audacity specializes in furniture, upholstery, and selling local artist works. Currently, they feature works from over 25 local artists in their store. They sell handmade items like ceramics, blankets, and vintage decor. Audacity prides themselves on having a variety of unique items, as everything they sell is one of a kind and is never mass-produced. Their motto is that they "don't sell anything that you need, but sell the one thing you have to have," and want all their customers to have the unique experience of owning something from their store. One of their most popular products is a hand-carved Manzanita Wood Cribbage Board. Check below for photos!

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Unfortunately, due to the COVID pandemic, Audacity has been closed down for over two months, which greatly impacted the revenue they needed to keep the store running. During those months of closure, Shayni and her family were forced to pay for their store lease, rent, insurance, and other bills out of their own pockets, which cost them thousands of dollars each month. Also, many of the restaurants that Audacity depended on for foot traffic were forced to close down permanently during the shutdown, which caused a drop in customers.


Because both Shayni and her husband have jobs, Audacity is not vital to their income. But many local artists depend on Audacity as their platform. In fact, the majority of the money that Audacity makes, goes towards running the business and giving exposure to budding artists. However, if customer numbers don't return to normal and the business continues to suffer, they may be forced to close down.


You can help Audacity out by stopping by their store on Vernon Street, Roseville or by visiting website. And if you are an aspiring artist wanting to introduce yourself to the art-selling world, stop by Audacity and get started!