Blooming Coast

Ana Prado

SFSU, Class of 2022

Over quarantine, Ana Prado, a current junior at SFSU, had had ENOUGH of being inside. So like many people, she decided to pick up a new hobby to bring the outdoors, indoors: collecting and decorating succulent plants! As she continued to improve her skills at making terrariums, DIY kits, and cute vases, the praise of her friends and family made her realize that her newly found creative outlet had business potential. And so, Blooming Coast was born at the beginning of December 2020. 

As Ana had been laid off from her job because of COVID-19, this small business basically became her only source of income. Ana is also a student veteran and she says that her plants “are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also help other veterans overcome tensions and stress because of the therapeutic nature of decorating and caring for another living thing”. Right now, Ana is primarily selling her beautiful plants on her Instagram account, blooming_coast, but is excited to be able to feature her products on our website as well. When ordering from Ana, expect that your purchased plant will be shipped in around 2-3 days because of her thoughtful packing procedure. Ana says that “[she] thinks selling plants and then NOT using eco-friendly materials is counterproductive and so all the pots [she] buys are from local thrift stores and the packaging is all recycled”. In the future, Ana wishes to continue pursuing entrepreneurship and maybe even own a flower shop in line with her dreams of mastering in sports psychology to coach others in caring for their mental and physical well-being. So what are you waiting for? GROW on over to Blooming Coast and purchase a plant that is sure to be your SOIL-mate!


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