Bohemian Aesthetic Atelier

106 L St # 1, Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 822-2646

Bohemian Aesthetic Atelier, a cosmetics store and beauty bar, is the brainchild of Lei Green. Throughout her life, Lei has gone to many establishments for cosmetic care, but has always felt like it was an occasion that she needed to prepare or get herself ready for. Lei decided she wanted to create a place with a relaxed, inviting atmosphere where her clients could feel natural in their own skin and leave the store feeling rejuvenated and beautiful. 


The Bohemian Aesthetic is an empowerment collective that teaches self-love through self-care. Lei’s studio offers a variety of products and treatments that are designed to bring out the feeling of being pampered at home. Her natural and sustainably-sourced products are curated from women-owned brands -- 75% of those being women of color. A handful of these products include bath salts, face masks, soaps, fragrances, jewelry, candles, crystals, and more. As for her services, Bohemian Aesthetic offers high-quality microblading, powder brows, lash extensions, and lash fills. 

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When founding her business, Lei knew that she didn’t want to follow conventional beauty standards. Lei says, “We are all different and exquisite people who need to be treated as individuals, instead of simply as customers.” While this holistic approach isn’t very common in the beauty industry, Lei wants to give the best and most relaxing experience for her clients, rather than branding it as a unique or expensive luxury. She describes it as a spiritual exchange; in return for the opportunity to make connections with her clients, Lei does her best to make them feel good about themselves. Although her studio is welcoming to all, she also acknowledges that the experience might not be for everyone. The audience she caters to is generally made up of women that have an appreciation for natural beauty, as well as those that are fascinated by spirituality and astrology.


One special product that Bohemian Aesthetic Atelier offers are handmade candles. Before Lei started making her own, she began a very sentimental and inspiring ritual that she practiced everyday -- lighting a candle. After the breakup of her marriage, she explained how she had to overcome suicidal thoughts. But because of a faded memory involving a candle, Lei decided to light one every morning to keep her going. As of March 2021, she has been successful for 589 days in waking up, lighting a candle, and setting an intention for her day. Her spiritual journey also began through this experience, with a lot of her devotion going into her craft, be it making products or taking care of clients!


Lei worked very hard to start Bohemian Aesthetic Atelier on her own, but she gathered advice and mentorship along the way -- particularly her mom’s studies in cosmetology. Though she found that her former goal of accounting wasn't for her, she realized that her education offered a leg-up, providing valuable insights into the logistics of owning a business.


When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Lei’s in-person services were halted to a stop. Since then, she’s dealt with a massive loss of sales, especially because the programs offered didn't help her business. Lei says that marketing is now more than ever. 

So if you are interested in self-care, spirituality, and feeling like your best self, Bohemian Aesthetic Atelier is the business that you need to visit!