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214 Judah Street, Roseville,

CA 95678



Annie Bernstein is an alternative medicine practitioner who runs Bowenworks Health and Wellness in Roseville, California. Her business is based on Bowen therapy, also known as the Bowen technique or Bowenwork, a form of soft-tissue bodywork that may be used as complementary or alternative treatment for improvements in pain reduction.

She was initially curious as to how such simple, minimal moves on the body worked so well to coax healing. Her fascination with the concept of Bowen soon took off, as along with her mother, she took and finished all available relevant coursework on the subject. Most surprising to Annie was just how quickly this form of noninvasive therapy worked wonders. However far from conventional Western medicine and challenging to find a hiring job, Annie eventually made it, becoming her own boss after receiving a Bowen license in a year’s hard work. Although she would prefer to work under someone else, Annie finds having control over her work hours rewarding, especially given her son’s busy schedule. 

Customers play a crucial role in any business. Annie’s clients have informed her that they like how she practices Bowen in comparison to other places they’ve visited. Her office is pretty small, so while other Bowen clinics have many rooms and focus on multiple clients at the same time, Annie only focuses on one client at a time. She describes it as a “feel-good” process to be “on the healing side of things”, a kind of praxis learned over time that contributes to mutual feelings of happiness. Clients find her office relaxing, and she even recounts one moment in which someone jokingly told her that she should rent it out for naps. 

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Bowenworks Health and Wellness is referral-based. At first, Annie worked at home because she did not yet have enough clientele to warrant purchasing more office space. She did this for five years, until in 2017 when she bought her first establishment. During the first wave of COVID-19 shutdowns, she had to close down her office. It was rough; she could barely pay rent. But she has since begun reopening, and now sees approximately 5-10 people a week, as opposed to the 15-20 people per usual. Currently Annie hopes to build her website and create brochures. Now an eight-year-old business, Annie reflects on her mother, her one motivator and inspiration to enter this line of work and a physical therapist herself. She was always there for her.