Bud's Dry Cleaning


323 Judah St, Roseville, CA 95678

(916) 782-6528

8771 Auburn Folsom Rd, Granite Bay, CA 95746

(916) 791-2837


Bud Nichols had been in the US Air Force during WWII and was looking to buy a business to rebound from the Great Depression. Bud and his wife Genelle, lived in LA and opened a dry cleaning business, before deciding to move to the Roseville area to raise their family. Back then, the late 1950's to be exact, everyone in Roseville shopped at small businesses. Wishing to go back into garment care and laundry, Bud's Dry Cleaning opened for business in 1955.

The business is now run by Bud and Genelle's daughter Cindy, and her husband David Kitchell. With 50 years of experience, Cindy and Dave and their seasoned employees provide garment services that not many can compete with. The business was originally a dry cleaning service, but alterations soon caught on, and they've been doing textile and loom restorations for the past 30 years. Their vintage and designer restoration is highly regarded throughout the West Coast with their clientele including Hollywood stars and rappers. However their true specialty is wedding gowns, with their meticulous inspections and hand-cleanings. They receive hundreds of gowns from around the United States. 

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To give you a quick glimpse into the world of garment cleaning, here's the textile restoration process broken down by Cindy. She first tests how the color and strength of the fabric would hold up when cleaned by her products. Next she removes the dirt or stain by hand with soaps and solvents. The piece is either dry cleaned or wet cleaned by hand. A special drying rack relaxes the textiles. Finally, Cindy uses collectible and custom ironing hams and boards to fold creases in the smallest places. Finally, the textiles are hung on acid-free hangers or padded in acid-free tissue for preservation. Check below for some of Cindy's best restorations and cleanings!


The trouble comes with the COVID-19 pandemic, and people's need for dry cleaning and wedding gowns have dwindled. Bud's usually does 200 gowns a year, but this year, they're struggling to get to 50. Because business has been down over 60%, Cindy and Dave have had to cut their staff and are only open five days a week instead of three days a week to save for utility bills. Cindy has been doing her part in shopping small, whether it be groceries, home decor, or other services, and now it's your turn to keep this treasured part of the community operating for another sixty years and more!


Please visit Bud's Dry Cleaning's website and call their number to get more details about what they can do for your garments, from restoring fabric heirlooms from the late 1800s to simple cleaning and alterations.