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Maddy Makis

Whitney High, Class of 2023

Candlescape US is a locally handmade candle company created by young entrepreneur Maddy Makis. Maddy attends Whitney High School and has been an avid lover of arts. She had started off with making all sorts of home decor that then narrowed down to her current business of handmade, scented, soy candles. She had wanted to fill up her free time while earning a profit and was already excellent in arts and crafts. This is a newer project of hers having only started about a month ago. 

At the moment she is personally interested in the pursuit of being a physiologist and plans on continuing entrepreneurship as a side job or hobby. Maddy wanted to share her personal aspect of creativity in this community with her love of crafts and natural gift for it. Her most popular product is the French Vanilla Soy Candle that is hand poured into 8oz and 6oz containers. Her pricing is $12 dollars including her 15% donation, which is an amazing price for the great quality of this product. She’s fast on her production and deliveries, creating and packaging in about 1 day and shipping taking 2 or 3 days. Maddy is an amazing contributor to her community and a strong athlete and student that loves what she does alongside her success as a teen entrepreneur.