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Kaylene Munoz

Trinity University, Class of 2022

Kaylene Munoz a third year nursing student at Trinity University who puts her creativity to work everyday with her small business the Care Chameleon. This creative stationery shop was inspired by the opportunity to create during this pandemic. Kaylene grew up in New Jersey which made her have an appreciation for long distance relationships. Her creativity and inspiration sparkes from her journey moving to California. Through her experience she has allowed others to express their own appreciation for their loved ones through her hand made cards.

The Care Chameleon promotes the preservation of love and thoughtfulness through these handwritten cards in such a digital age. Kaylene hand designs and creates her cards using a Cricut machine and graphics programs. When she is a registered nurse, Kaylene would still like to carry on making cards to promote human connection. The Care Chameleon provides a unique way to connect with the ones you love while also supporting a small business dream!


Check out her Graphic portfolio, a PowerPoint of designs she has made for her nursing school, logo designs for small businesses, and portraits!