Copper Forged

1017 Front St #A, Sacramento, CA 95814

(415) 424-7183

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Sixteen years ago, Robert Ulucan learned the art of wire wrapping and copper forging from his father. He realized that creating jewelry out of copper was his passion. And in June 2019, Copper Forged opened doors. 

Robert was first introduced to copper art when he was a kid in Florida. His father used to make clocks with shapes of states, cut out from copper. They moved to Dollywood (located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee) and opened a business cart, After his father retired, Robert went on to do art and craft shows in many surrounding states. It was here that Robert was able to do market research essentially, to figure out what products were most popular. He found that custom name plates and wire bicycles often sold out (Check below for pictures!). He opened his storefront to start providing more options.

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As a metal, copper is fairly unique and looks stunning in jewelry products. Robert’s goal in creating this business was to change that, and introduce people to copper necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more, just like his dad had done for him. All of Robert’s products are made out of 100% pure copper that's mined out of Arizona. Different jewelry requires different techniques to create. For example with earrings, 20 gauge copper is pressed out into sheets. The designs are made by heating up ink so it is able to bond with the copper. Finally, the copper is dipped in a clear enamel to keep the designs from chipping or oxidizing. Similarly brackets use 14-16 gauge copper and often have 20 gauge copper inlaid to create a "wrinkle wrap" (see below). Robert also sells works with Anodized Aluminum, sterling silver, and 14 Karat gold. 

With the onset of COVID-19, business at Copper Forged, like many other businesses in the area, has suffered. As a new business, Copper Forged was already in need of promotion, which, with the pandemic, has gotten to be impossible. This has led to a steep decline in business from last year. Besides pandemic issues, Copper Forged is in need of a new demographic. Many people in the area tend to think that Old Sac is archaic, and never changing; when in fact, it is full of vibrant new businesses.


Sales will go towards paying rent, as the pandemic has caused Robert to fall behind. We hope that you will consider visiting their breathtaking store, and if you are interested in buying some of their products online, visit their website!