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Himalayan Bowl Bazaar​

From a very young age, Arjun Banjara, owner of Like International, knew that he wanted to work independently. Starting with small tasks like biking around his neighborhood in Nepal distributing newspapers, Arjun developed a love for the freedom of entrepreneurship. In 2009, Arjun, with the help of his younger brother and his wife, launched three boutique shops in Nepal that were target locations for international tourists as well as locals. However, Arjun still had more plans for growing his business. Plans that involved the United States of America. With his wife and then four-year-old daughter, Arjun left his established shops in the hands of his younger brother and immigrated to America. Arjun continued his business, visiting and selling his wares all around the United States. 

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Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, you could find Arjun and his colorful products displayed and ready to be purchased at county fairs, festivals, and tradeshows all over the country. Although the success of his business relies on driving over 18 hours at a time to different locations and spending a countless amount of time setting up products, Arjun says it’s worth it when it comes to the close bonds he forms with all types of people, vendors and customers alike. “I make so many friends through my job. I have customers that wait all year to see me at their local festivals. It’s truly unbelievable.” 

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This emphasis on customer service at Like International has led to over two hundred 5-star reviews on Etsy over the span of 7 months! At Like International, there are all types of products varying from self-care and meditation all the way to loungewear and tapestries. Importing clothing and other merchandise all the way from Nepal and India, Arjun has also had to deal with lofty shipping costs along with the other normal expenses of deriving new inventory for customers.


As of right now, Like International is operating fully online so if you are interested in their products, ordering from either their personal websites or their Etsy shops will be the best way to get their products. With same-day shipping, frequent sales, and acceptance of international orders, you can purchase their products no matter where you are in the world. On Etsy, Like International also operates under another name, HimalayanBowlBazaar, in which they sell singing bowls, padlocks, room decor, sage, and other New Age products!


Unlike other small businesses who have moved to online platforms but still maintained their physical locations, Like International has been especially hard-hit by the pandemic. With many fairs and festivals of the year being cancelled, Arjun has not been able to sell his products as he normally would. This has caused Like International to move fully online which is not an easy transition for anyone. Without a former social media presence to rely on, Arjun has worked relentlessly to build a reliable online reputation. With all of his products being one-of-a-kind and unique, the process of photographing and promoting his products has been continuous.


Through experimenting with many e-commerce platforms and more, Arjun, with the help of his family, has created two personal business websites, two Etsy shops, and a few other shops on other platforms. Right now, sales will be directed towards purchasing new products as well as updating inventory on best-selling products. 

Like International needs your help to spread the word about their fantastic products so what are you waiting for? Check out some of the beautiful merchandise that they have listed on their online shops below! To read the product details, click on the image to go to their Etsy stores. From there, you can go on to view the hundreds of more beautiful items that Like International has to offer.