Courtney Sheridan Photography

For Courtney Sheridan, it was a dream come true when she was able to transform her passion for photography into her very own small business. Starting professionally taking photos for sporting events and other occasions, Courtney began to have a growing demand from her friends to take their family portraits. By 2015, she seized the opportunity and began Courtney Sheridan Photography, which specializes in family photos, newborn photos, family portraits, milestone shots, maternity photos, and senior portraits. 

Before she began photography, Courtney was drawn to the stories behind each and every image. When she was younger, her family would have film nights where they would gather around and look at family photos. This sparked a hobby, which originally began with a subject and an old, traditional camera. Though preferring traditional, she decided to give digital cameras a try, and this drove her down a rabbit hole of photography. Courtney stated that “it’s not about the camera you have, it’s about how you capture the memory behind the image.” But digital cameras were her initial eye-opener into realizing how far she could take her hobby.

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She began to teach herself advanced techniques through YouTube and other tutorials on the Internet, and this led to Courtney procuring her first professional job in the year 2014. 

The greatest joy that comes with her field is the opportunity to preserve the memories of all the families she photographs. She’s grateful to form connections and capture the authenticity of an experience. Photographing a beautiful moment or significant milestone, that’ll be treasured by families for years, is what makes her job so special. She loves to make people feel confident in the way they look, and help them treasure the emotions they felt on that day. She states, “I just take a photo of what I see in front of me.” 


However, COVID-19 hasn’t exactly been a memorable part of people’s lives, and Courtney has seen this reflected in her business. While there’s a good range of photography that doesn’t require close contact, not many people want to come in to take photos; as a result, Courtney’s been experiencing some difficulty keeping her business running. Another downside brought on by the pandemic, is the lack of connection her customers have with the photos they shot. Customers would often be able to see their photos hung and displayed in Courtney’s gallery, to revisit the memory they encapsulated with Courtney’s photography.

Without missing a beat, Courtney has done a fantastic job improvising, with creative Zoom slideshows showcasing her hard work. 


The professional labs she works with sell-out pictures and prints have taken a turn since her prints cannot be displayed in her gallery. Courtney would say that her most popular commissions are headshots and family portraits, with newborn photos following close behind. Particularly for high school seniors of 2020, COVID-19 put a halt to their year, and they were one of the many grateful customers that Courtney was able to draw in. 


All in all, the personability and quality of Courtney’s photography is obvious when looking at her work, regardless of who the portrait is taken of. So go frame a beautiful portrait of your family, baby, or milestone by supporting Courtney Sheridan Photography!