Empire's Comics Vault

112o Fulton Ave Suite K Sacramento, Ca, 95825




Ben Schwartz and his wife Jennifer, both avid comic book readers, first opened their business seventeen years ago in 2003. Seven years ago, at Ben’s first location, the business next to them burned down and they were forced to move. They found their second location and since then, they've become a cornerstone of the community. 

Empire’s Comic Vaults specializes in selling comic books and graphic novels. Unlike other comic book stores in the area, Empire’s Comics does not sell board games, instead focusing on pure reading material (which makes up 95% of their sales). They also carry the largest selection of indie and local comics in the area.


Upon entering the store, customers are greeted with shelves with thousands of books and two lounge areas - one with a TV and one with an art gallery. If you're lucky, you may even be visited by Ben's pugs, Rolly Polly and Captain Dylan Hunt. 

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For a person new to the world of comics, Ben makes sure that they have a personalized experience, leading them to find the series of their choice: he asks questions about their interests, makes a list of potential comics, and guides the customer in finding the perfect reading material for them. For customers who want a particular comic that the store doesn't carry, Ben will also do special orders specifically for them. Many customers have loved the store so much that when they move, they prefer to have Empire’s Comics mail comics to them instead of finding another store. Recently, he's taken the time to do his own deliveries for people stuck in their homes. 

Interestingly, Empire's Comics also sells a large selection of hot sauces. Ben’s grandparents used to have a huge wall full of hot sauce selections, which he grew to miss. He noticed that most stores just sell the same few brands over and over again, so he wanted to provide a wider selection of local and unique flavors. They even held their first Hot Sauce Mini-Con this past year.  

Empire's Comics is not unfamiliar to hosting community conventions. In fact they have a variety of staple events that they put on for the community. These include the Free Comic Book Day Festival, the Creative Women Mini Con, charity drives, movie nights, book signings, and art events. Ben also uses his community to help sponsor local businesses like wrestling groups, breweries, and the Sacramento Roller Derby. He also founded his own publishing company, the Continuum Press, so local artists could create their own series!


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Ben is founder and president of Continuum Press with Jennifer as the Editor-in-Chief!

With the onset of the pandemic, Empire’s Comics has experienced a significant drop in their sales. Ben's primary customers were people that frequented the store after work, to pick up books. Because many people work at home and don't go out as regularly, entertainment, such as comics aren't really on people's minds. Because of this, Ben has had to let go of their three part-time employees, and is now working seven days a week. The products below are a selection of Empire's Comic Vault wide array for fans including, comics, toys, and hot sauces. Tune into Empire's Comic Vault's online community on their website for more info! You can also buy gift certificates for their store here!