Faviola Valencia

Sacramento, CA 95842

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Faviola Valencia is a professional Spanish translator, business coach, and interpreter trainer who strives to break down the barriers between English and Spanish, while also supporting aspiring entrepreneurs. She immigrated to America with her father as a young child, and notably remembers her father’s passionate work ethic. Despite the struggles of starting his own business, Faviola’s father inspired her to create her own — an amalgamation of her immigrant journey and her business inspiration. 

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She established the business on her own, with very limited funds, but over the course of three months, she was able to sign a contract with Sutter Hospital, continuing to expand her business from there. She provided “simultaneous, consecutive, conference, and escort interpretation and translation services,” while also training new language interpreters/translators wanting to enter the industry. Eventually, her business grew quite a lot from her opening in 2000! She ran her business as a corporation where she offered over 150 languages, had 10 employees, and had over 2500 sub-contractors (including Fortune 500 companies). 

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But after experiencing the recession, as well as the unfortunate passing of her father, Faviola decided in 2010, that it was best to continue as a small business; this would allow her to utilize her skills more effectively and reach more individuals. With CEO experience under her belt, she decided to add Business Coach and Strategist to her list of services, to help budding entrepreneurs. 

Whether it’s helping immigrants with the arduous immigration process or family members at parent-teacher conferences, or helping growing entrepreneurs plan, strategize, and market, Faviola finds great joy in her work. Their stories are what keeps Faviola motivated to continue. Overall, Faviola’s customers value her integrity and amiability — the reason why a majority of her clients are repeat customers, and continue to use her services. Faviola will tell potential customers from the get-go if she’s unable to help them, or if someone else is better suited to assist in a clients’ situation; she values her clients’ time and effort, and they appreciate that. 

Faviola aims to help anyone she can, and this has made her business’s demographic quite diverse; her clientele ranges from ages 20 to 65 and stemming from countless regions across the US. Her clients’ needs are also quite vast, with Faviola interpreting for legal practices, museums, local and federal government, and medical organizations. The most significant portion of her base are law firms, as well as doctors endeavoring to open private practices. 


Pretty early on, Faviola incorporated teleconferencing and over-the-phone interpretation into her business model, and luckily, this kept her productive during the COVID-19 quarantine. While her business hasn’t been hit as hard as others, she’s been struggling with spreading the word. She says that the best form of support would be to help her spread awareness and gain outreach!

So if you’re in need of interpretation services, interpretation training, or a business coach for your new start-up, then call Faviola Valencia!