Fukumi Ramen

10271 Fairway Drive, Ste 120 Roseville

 (916) 474-5748



Sylbi Song and Han Song, the two co-owners, very recently moved to Roseville, only in 2019. When they came to visit the area five years ago, they absolutely fell in love with it. They saw it as the perfect place to bring authentic Japanese ramen to, so they opened Fukumi Ramen. FUKUMI (ふくみ) means feel/mood in Japanese. They wished to bring comfort food to the area by serving everything from their signature broth ramen and rice bowls, to Japanese traditional appetizers and even brothless maze ramen!

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The two opened the restaurant in February of 2020, on their anniversary date. For a month, the business seemed to go smoothly. The community was supportive of new businesses along with a new culture introduced to their palette. But, COVID hit in March and shook the whole country. Just like every small business owner, they weren’t expecting the sudden change of events. The business soon needed to limit their interactions, indoors and outdoors. The couple’s favorite thing was seeing their customers smile and enjoy their food in their restaurant. But with changes with indoor and outdoor restrictions, this unfortunately came to an end.

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At first, it was difficult moving from mostly dine-in to to-go only. But, with the various online ordering services, the business was able to remain open even through the peak of the pandemic. With indoor seatings available only periodically, Fukumi eventually implemented an outdoor patio area in the parking lot (demolished now) for a dine-in experience. Despite these challenges, Fukumi has received endless support from this lovely community, surrounded by people who love local businesses.

Fukumi Ramen prioritizes the authenticity of a bowl of ramen, as all ingredients are prepared and cooked at the store. Their famous melt-in-the-mouth Chashu are made by boiling pork belly through, then blowtorching to perfection right before serving. The two broths, Tonkotsu (pork) and Tori Patitan (chicken) are made with a total of 72 hours of boiling to create a perfect rich base for a ramen. Soft boiled eggs are made daily and marinated in special sauce. The noodles, thin and thick noodles, are made with their own custom recipe, just for this store, and take a few weeks for it to get delivered. Finally, each bowl of broth is mixed with a base, salt and garlic oil, miso paste, or soy sauce, and topped with various other toppings to create a truly unique bowl of delicious ramen.

With their new Citrus Heights location opening soon and their Roseville location open for indoor dining, make sure to stop by!