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Deval Turner graduated from Cal State Dominguez with an idea for a business that took its root back in 2007. As a fan of video games all his life, particularly his pastime filled with Madden, Deval knew that not every kid could afford to buy two hundred dollar consoles and sixty dollars for a game. So he decided to create a modern spinoff on the classic arcade. It was this amusing and at first, joking idea, that eventually came to be Gamers World Lounge in 2018. 

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Gamers World Lounge features over 45 gaming stations on PC, Wii, PS4, Xbox One, and Omni VR. Some of their games include Call of Duty, Apex Legends, Fifa, Mortal Kombat, Assassin's Creed, Overwatch, and GTA. These stations include a comfy leather gaming chair fitted with a headset and a 4K TV set. If a person is looking for a break, they can head to the lounge to play board games or to the snack bar. Gamers World creates an atmosphere where everyone can have fun. He gives gaming a social atmosphere without any of the toxicity that gamers may experience playing on their own. People come in and buy passes for a certain amount of play time, or reserve the gaming stations for a birthday party including food, drinks, and more. 

But Deval also opens his doors to everyone looking for competition, whether it's for local eSport tournaments or recreational leagues. His focus is on students who want to improve their abilities to start a possible career or win scholarships - Gamers World Lounge is a perfect training spot for gamers who want to take their eSport skills further. With monthly memberships and reservations for practice sessions, and Deval's expertise in promotion and marketing, gamers can create their own brand, and get noticed by professional scouts. Gaming enthusiasts also have an opportunity to commentate matches if they aren't experts at playing. 

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But because of strict COVID-19 regulations on entertainment businesses, Gamers World Lounge, who booked birthday parties for two months ahead, have had to cancel all events, though they still keep up with gaming by streaming gameplay on Twitch and Youtube.

Below are some of the packages and passes customers can buy. Whether you want to hold a birthday party, play for a day with the top games, or join a league to hone your gaming abilities, there's a spot for everyone! Please check out their website to find updates on when they will open back up with these services!


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