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The Good Life Dog Daycare and Boarding

5905 Pacific St, Rocklin, CA 95677

(916) 415-9663


Beth and Jennie Reikner have always been the type of people to care about dogs -- nature’s adorable fluff balls. Growing up on their property in Shingle Springs, the sisters and their family took in and raised many animals. They had goats, chickens, cats, rabbits, hamsters and of course, dogs. While they loved all animals, they connected with dogs the most, even throwing puppy birthday parties! They rescued all sorts of canines, from dogs that needed medication, to dogs with behavioral issues. Jennie recalls having them sleep in her bedroom, making sure they had covers and fresh water throughout the night. Her intent was to make sure they were receiving the love and care they deserved; exactly like how she’d treat a human. 

From the beginning, the sisters knew they wanted to start a facility to provide a proper environment for all dogs, especially ones with special needs and special personalities. This eventually culminated into The Good Life Dog Daycare and Boarding which opened in August 2018. This establishment provides daycare services, where the dogs stay in a massive play-yard for the majority of the day, as well as supervised overnight puppy lodging, where they’re given the best overnight care to make them feel comfortable away from home. They also provide grooming services like bathing, nail clipping, and more.

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The entire staff is dedicated to its clients -- both canines and humans! Each staff member has CPR and first aid training, and has taken behavioral training courses. They try and connect with every dog that walks through their doors; so much so, that they know exactly when the dogs need to eat, nap or get exercise. Even the shy dogs that have difficulty socializing, are given individual care that’s specific to their needs, while still having the opportunity to grow. The Daycare’s top priority are the dogs’ health and safety, both physically and emotionally. Even if this means that they have to hand-feed dogs their kibble, it doesn't stop them from keeping their word. The Good Life lets dogs socialize and thrive at their own pace.


Personally, Jennie adores watching the dogs play, eat, sleep, and seeing them come out of their shell. She also loves the community that her businesses has helped grow, especially the ten staff members that have made the businesses feel like family.

Their (human) clients have beamed at the growth the Daycare has received over the past few years, and are truly invested in the success of the facility. Before COVID-19 struck, the daycare hosted annual events, such as Doodle Night. The Good Life holds quite a few doodles (various mixes of poodle), so on the first Saturday of every month, they would hold a mixer with all the doodle owners. Along with food and beverages, owners got to see their dogs hang out with other doodles, and they absolutely treasured it!


Because of COVID-19, they miss hosting dog nights and other events, but as an essential business, they’ve managed to stay open. They are continuing to provide a safe and fun environment for dogs that visit. Check out The Good Life Dog Daycare and Boarding website, to enroll today, and give your pup the most love and affection while you're away!