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4415 Granite Dr Suite 1000, Rocklin, CA 95677

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The story behind Impact Axe all started with a set of friends that wanted to make a difference in their own lives, and in the lives of those in their community. Each couple discovered axe-throwing in their own way; Dennis and Adrianne through a trip to Salt Lake City, Utah, Kristi, and Jamie through a double date in Jacksonville, North Carolina, and Jon and Karen through the enthusiastic stories of those two trips. They came together to bring indoor axe-throwing to the Sacramento area and an AXEperience that highlights the hearts of the partners. Instead of using a franchise, Impact Axe is a truly unique model that capitalizes on the customer experience. 



Impact Axe is a family-run indoor axe-throwing company that lets customers throw axes, drink beer from local breweries, eat food, and have a good time. It’s like a combination of bowling and darts, but more intense. The facility is spacious with lots of seating to watch, eat, and wait until axe-throwing. It accommodates big groups and families looking to try out a new experience. Oh, and they also have some pretty good axe puns. Whether you’re a beginner or an AXEpert, Impact Axe’s employees give each party their own lane and walk them through the safety rules, a quick how-to on technique, and suggest games they could play

Their desire is to make axe-throwing easy for everyone, with their audience ranging from fifteen-year-olds to seventy-four-year-olds. They even have a special lane that's ADA compliant so everyone is able to enjoy the experience. It’s their goal of “making people feel welcome and making sure they have a good and safe time” that brings in lots of returning customers. 

Being a new business that only opened in February of 2020, Impact Axe needs the advertisement and promotion to get greater Sac residents in the know about their awesome venue! As with any start-up, the first year tends to play a vital role in expanding audiences and raising awareness which means that Impact Axe needs some support now more than ever, with some sales going towards maintaining the facility.

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