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Rocklin High, Class of 2023

Growing up, Reese Taylor always had a passion to make cool things, but it wasn’t until he came in contact with the Rocklin High School Engineering program that he could truly explore his creativity to its fullest potential. The notably professional RHS Engineering Shop has a variety of tools, machines, and supplies. Being estimated at 1.5 million dollars, it meant Reese truly had the opportunity to create anything he could think up. 

Starting as a freshman, he designed pens and small tools. However, he ultimately fell in love with the process of designing rings, which he would later capitalize his business on! Using a lathe, a machine which spun and cut objects at 360° symmetry, Reese could forge his jewelry. Today, almost 1.5 years later, Reese has perfected his craft and creates a wide variety of colorful and intricate rings out of steel, stainless steel, fordite, wood, carbon fiber, and even resin. Check out all of his products or request a custom, all exclusively sold on our platform.

Gowdham Murugan, Machinist

Rocklin High, Class of 2023

Gowdham Murugan, experienced machinist and Varsity RHS Robotics Club member, was interested in another aspect of the Shop, Vertical CNC Mills. These large machines can cut metal extremely precisely, based off of programs Gowdham writes on the software, Fusion 360. Partnering with Reese, Gowdham brings potential for an extremely wide range of products, such as multitool prys, fixed knives, nametags, pendants, incense burners, keychains, and etc, all of which currently in the works! 

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Stay tuned for the progress of RT Custom Designs, as best friends, Reese and Gowdham, gain experience and grow their business!

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