Odd Cookie Bakery Cafe and Bar

1015 9th St, Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 228-4709


Nicknamed “Cinderella” by her peers, Anna Rodriguez grew up in the foster care system and spent a lot of time cooking and taking care of other kids. This sweet story continues today with Anna’s unique three-in-one restaurant, Odd Cookie Bakery Cafe and Bar. 

Odd Cookie is well… a bakery, cafe, and bar that Anna opened in 2020! The business is located in downtown Sacramento, and is instantly recognizable with its huge, vibrant blue color, and paint streaks as the decor. The inside has tall ceilings, white accents, and plush furniture, with a cozy lounge on the second floor. Country music plays in the background — homage to Anna’s home state, Missouri. Its atmosphere is perfect for group get-togethers, families, and individuals. 

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Odd Cookie started up seven weeks before COVID-19 hit, opening on January 23, 2020. It originally started out as a bakery, but because of the demand for more meals, Anna converted the shop into a cafe. On top of that, the building originally housed a massive bar, so Anna ended up implementing it into her business’s style. 

Most of Odd Cookie’s recipes come from Anna Rodriguez’s grandmother who helped her bake. While her style has developed over the years, Anna still credits her grandmother. This credit is well deserved because Anna was taught a more important skill of diversifying flavors, which is evident in her menu — it’s called Odd Cookie for a reason. Anna experiments with tastes and flavors to switch up foods every week. That’s right, every week there’s something new for customers to try. With cupcakes named after songs, like Queen’s “We Will Rock You” (featuring geode pop rocks) and Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” (with tiger bark chocolate), everything looks good, sounds good, and tastes even better. As for the namesake, some of her odd cookies include Red Velvet Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Mint to Be Together, Oreo Thicker Than a Snicker, and Apple Pie Stuffer. And if you’re not looking for anything sweet, you’re missing out, because her drinks feature the PB&J (with peanut butter whiskey), Maple Candied Bacon Old Fashioned (with Woodford whiskey), and some more classic ones too like the Odd Margarita, Model T Collins (Fords gin). 

Her favorite part of owning Odd Cookie is that she has to constantly adapt, and even learn new things to keep up the ship. With the bar included in the building, she decided to get a bartender certificate and learned to mix drinks for customers. But don’t be mistaken, Odd Cookie does have a bar, but it’s still a great family environment. Odd Cookie is a haven for a person with a sweet tooth, families looking for a meal, or someone looking for an original drink. Among their notable sweets and drinks, they also have burgers, waffles, sandwiches, and non-alcoholic beverages as well. 

Although Anna enjoys pretty much everything that Odd Cookie has to offer, she recommends the Odd Chicken Sandwich, a signature food, and the Cookie Butter cookie for dessert. So if you’re looking to find an instant favorite when you visit, take it from the boss and dig in! 

With the first few months being crucial for businesses, Anna missed out on this essential time due to COVID-19. Opening in January 2020, everything was going great with people “lining up at the door, and sometimes the line would be so long that it would go through the door, but now it’s like a ghost town.” Sales have dropped by 80% and while some restrictions have lifted, they’re still not making half of what they used to in the first few weeks of opening. Anna is disheartened because “most businesses in downtown Sacramento are closed, so everyone assumes that everything is closed, and don’t look to see if anything is actually open.” Clearly, Odd Cookie was a hit, and it can and will get back to its numbers, with your support!

As a one-stop shop for virtually all meals of the day, Odd Cookie’s novel food deserves recognition. Go check them out!