Paintings by Audrey

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Audrey Moon

Granite Bay High School, Class of 2022

Audrey Moon is a student at Granite Bay High School who likes taekwondo, tennis, and painting. When she is older, Audrey aspires to be a psychologist but does not forsee an end to her business anytime soon. Her business was started over quarantine as a hobby to pass the time but became a passion of hers for which she works every day. To make her products, Audrey finds reference photos and uses them to paint on pieces of acrylic plastic or glass picture frames. Each item takes from two to seven hours depending on how detailed the artwork is due to the precision and attention to detail it takes.

Audrey loves to share about her business on her Instagram page (@paintingsbyaud) and marketing is one of her favorite parts of running a business. Audrey's advice to anyone starting their own business is to do something they are passionate about as she did with her own. Go check out some of Audrey's paintings below!