Resin By Leah

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Leah Winter

Whitney High, Class of 2023

For Leah Winter, a Whitney High School sophomore, the love of making jewelry runs in the family. About a year ago, Leah began to use her mom’s old art supplies to make her own small pieces of jewelry. After realizing the potential in her jewelry and gathering inspiration from social media, she expanded to new materials in the world of creating. Now, Leah has progressed to experimenting with epoxy resin to make her jewelry. 

The process of making her products takes place in her garage where she mixes epoxy resin and pours it into molds. After she takes the pieces out of the molds, she attaches silver hooks so they can be worn as earrings.  Leah uses her creativity when mixing in pigments, glitters, and dyes into the resin to create unique and trendy combinations. She also makes sure that there is something in her inventory that fits everyone’s personality. This consideration has led her to reach over 1,000 followers on Instagram and over 180 sales on Depop! As Leah also puts a lot of effort and time into making seasonal and unique jewelry, her products do sell out so what are you waiting for? Check out some of Leah’s shimmery and stylish jewelry NOW!