Roxie Deli & Barbeque

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3340 C St, Sacramento, CA 95816

(916) 443-5402

For Chris and Amy Tannous, family has always been a priority. And in 2004, the couple set out with a vision, to build lasting connections within their community, and to carry on the family business by opening a deli in Sacramento. Chris began working in his family’s deli in San Francisco at a very young age, building experiences that would set him on a path to value strong relationships, and understand the importance of hard work. Roxie Deli & Barbeque is family owned and operated, and serves local craft beers, vintage sodas, and a wide variety of food.

Describing their store as the “opposite of cookie cutter,” the Tannous family prides themselves on their individuality and uniqueness within the Sacramento region. In 2009, Roxie Deli became the first Roxie Deli & Barbeque with the addition of a smoker. Chris added the barbeque aspect of Roxie, continuing his family’s tradition, but adding his own spin. Since then, the Tannous's have introduced unique dry rubs, and distinctive recipes for all of their delicious sandwiches and meat products.

Both Chris and Amy feel that what differentiates them from other sandwich shops is the fact that they treat their guests like family. Some repeat customers “have their sandwich started before they walk in the door,” Amy says. Roxie Deli goes beyond a transaction, they make high quality food with love, for their customers. The people, relationships, connections, and community ties are all reasons why the Tannous family loves what they do. “The Roxie family is the Roxie family.” Since the shop is tucked within a neighborhood, customers often come from nearby, but some drive all the way across town and keep coming back for the experience. 

 Although the COVID-19 pandemic has had devastating effects on many small business owners, Roxie Deli has always been a to-go business, making the state health restrictions easier to accommodate for. Through curbside delivery, and outside seating, Roxie Deli has been able to maintain their customer base throughout the pandemic. But, consumables like gloves and food supplies have skyrocketed in prices, making access to necessary supplies more scarce. 

If you are looking for a sandwich unlike any other, and a family orientated experience that will leave you wanting more, try out Roxie Deli & Barbeque located in East Sacramento. Where it “isn’t just a sandwich spot, it’s an experience.”