Sterling Cafe

820 Sterling Pkwy#10, Lincoln CA 95648


(916) 543-8700

Menam Muqatash moved to America from Jordan when he was only 19. To support himself, he worked at Long John Silver’s where he learned to cook American comfort food. By 1992, he had gone from an employee, to manager, to owner of the franchise, and started opening his own restaurants.  Unfortunately, his first restaurant burnt down, but he sold the other two and decided to focus all of his efforts on Sterling Cafe in Lincoln, an American breakfast restaurant in 2012.

The menu of Sterling Cafe has quite a variety - something to satisfy everyone. They serve breakfast and lunch all day, as well as dinner. They specialize in crepes, but they also sell Broaster's Chicken, a variety of steaks, burgers, and pastas. Not to mention their well-known breakfast foods like hashbrowns, pancakes, omelettes, and Eggs Benedicts.


Menam, as head chef, makes everything, all the dressings, soups, and sauces from scratch. Their service is also great, as customers have reported that their staff is very friendly and have refered to them by name even after only a few visits.

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Menam's daughter, Arwaad, says that her dad holds a lot of responsibility, for he manages the business, the paperwork, and cooking. In fact, Menam's daughter Arwaad said that she "doesn't go home if she needs to see him" and that she actually goes to the store. 

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The pandemic has been especially rough on their business, as the shelter-in-place restrictions ended their dine-in services; their main source of revenue. Sterling Cafe is the family's only source of income, During the two month shutdown they had to lay off their staff, and were entirely family run. If the shutdown went on for longer, they would've run out of business. 

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These are only a few foods on Sterling Cafe's menu. Check their website to find more foods and click here to order!