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The Book Cellar


The everyday pedestrian strolling by would never expect the worlds of imagination, fantasy, or inspiration hidden in Debbie Swindler’s small business. The Book Cellar is a treasure trove of novels, ranging from non-fiction, mystery, fantasy, romance, and countless other genres. As a kid, Debbie was engrossed in books, and saw them as her escape from reality. With her childhood in mind, she wanted her 7-year-old daughter to have a safe haven to start her own journey with literature. From this idea, sprang The Book Cellar, a cozy bookshop in historic downtown Lincoln. Operating for 14 years, The Book Cellar is a quaint destination that becomes the perfect getaway from the bustle of everyday life. 

The entire shop has an old English vibe, stacked nearly floor to ceiling with books, and fantastically decorated for holidays. Pre- COVID restrictions, Debbie even served tea and cookies to her customers, who spent anywhere from just a few minute to their whole day, reading. Every one of the books is in pristine condition, collected and resold at half price. Not only is the shop for the avid reader, but also for people looking for good gifts including “Novel Teas” tea bags and literary candles (check below!) Her ideal customer is anyone and everyone, as she advocates the importance of literature for all.

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She says that “anyone who breathes can benefit from books. Books pass along hope and knowledge -- books are power.” The Book Cellar continues to connect with its audience virtually by hosting story read-alouds for children! But Debbie believes the most important aspect of her service to the community is honor and fairness. She's an expert in finding the perfect book for new readers, and her store is neatly organized in sections for the ease and convenience of buying a book. (Make sure to have cash, as no credit or debit is accepted!)


Because of the pandemic, readers have been hard to find. Debbie has also struggled with finding used books in great condition to buy. If anyone has good used books, The Book Cellar would love to buy them, where they’ll be sorted and stocked in its collection!

At The Book Cellar, a visitor truly learns to appreciate a book, and never judge by looks alone -- quite literally too -- check out their "Blind Date With a Book" where they wrap books' covers so readers will want to try something new! Please visit The Book Cellar and learn more about new activities and events on their Facebook!