The Freshy Fresh

Drop-off Locations:

4540 Post St, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

5063 Pacific St, Rocklin, CA 95677

53 Lincoln Blvd, Lincoln, CA 95648

7833 Madison Ave, Citrus Heights, CA 95610

(916) 613-2761

Jasmine Ferdinand never imagined that she would end up running a laundry business in college. Yet, as of April 2021, The Freshy Fresh celebrates 9 years! The business focuses on laundry and dry cleaning with a notable delivery component. Employees pick up your laundry, wash it, dry it, fold it, package it, and deliver it right back to your doorstep!

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Jasmine admitted that The Freshy Fresh was created unintentionally: “It was a happy accident.” With encouragement from her sister, Jasmine started the business as a side hustle to make money, while she was majoring in health science at Sac State. She did laundry on-site as a means of supporting herself, though she had no idea that it would turn into her career. But soon enough after graduating, her business had grown so much that she didn’t have the time to pursue another career, so she took the leap and decided to go full-time in the laundry business.

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From an early age, Jasmine understood exactly what was needed to manage a prosperous business. Her parents instilled a strong work ethic into her, which Jasmine says has helped her greatly with managing her business. Both of her parents were postal workers, however her father also owned a construction business. As a result, her father set a great example for Jasmine to follow by running a successful business. In addition, while overseeing The Freshy Fresh is quite time consuming for Jasmine, she has learned to maintain balance. 

As a service-based business, The Freshy Fresh offers to “make your life easier.” Clients can either call, email, or directly place an order on the website to have their laundry picked up. They can customize their order by picking and choosing detergents and soaps used, and if they wish, they can personalize their order even further. There are four locations in Lincoln, El Dorado Hills, Rocklin, and Citrus Heights where clients can drop off laundry if they choose. Even better — there are no additional fees for pickup and delivery straight to and from the client’s house!

Jasmine’s business focuses on customer service, and she prides herself on her ability to form deep friendships with her clients. Her demographic is mostly composed of mothers, most of whom live very hectic lives. When they make an order to have The Freshy Fresh take care of their laundry, it’s likely a new friendship will grow as well! Besides moms, busy families and single men also make up a significant portion of The Freshy Fresh’s clientele. Her customers love Jasmine’s business so much that many have stuck with her since the very beginning. Jasmine was delighted when her clients continued to utilize her services even while under COVID restrictions. 

Sadly, COVID-19 dealt a heavy blow to The Freshy Fresh. Three out of four of her locations had to close temporarily. Jasmine received dozens of calls and emails from her clients who rescinded their orders, and lost some long-term clients that she still hasn’t gotten back. In addition, she had to furlough her employees because there was no revenue coming in. In order to support her family, Jasmine picked up a part time job at Amazon. With the gnawing fear that she had to close her business for good, she considered going back to college or looking for jobs in the health sciences industry. 

With restrictions lifting, she’s been trying to hire back employees. As she’s slowly starting to regain more clients, she says that this eye-opening experience has shown her just how fragile owning a small business can be. 

So if you’re interested in helping Jasmine build up her sales, and getting some of your laundry taken off your plate, The Freshy Fresh is the place for you!