The Kitchen Table

1462 33rd Street, Sacramento, CA 95816



Ever since she began hosting Thanksgiving dinners at the age of 15, Susan O’Brien knew that her passion was to connect with others. Though this realization first led her to pursue psychology, she soon discovered her driving passion -- food. Despite her long experience with cuisine, she wanted to help others find that very same love for cooking. This culminated in The Kitchen Table, a unique kitchen boutique. 

Susan says that she couldn’t have reached this point without the inspiration from both of her parents. Her father was an entrepreneur himself, which exposed Susan to both the difficult and rewarding moments of owning a business. Beyond the entrepreneur side of things, Susan’s mother showed her that food is a language in and of itself. As an immigrant, her mom didn’t fluently speak English, but as Susan puts it, she “was fluent in the language of food.” With these inspirations in mind, Susan was able to embody her passions by opening a “kitchen boutique” in 2017 called The Kitchen Table that is located in East Sacramento!

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At The Kitchen Table, you can find the essential items for kitchenware, but you can also find gifts (for housewarming, parties, and holidays!), gourmet food, coffee roasts, sauces, dry rub spices, olive oils, and bath and body products as well! Not only this but Susan makes an effort to ensure that her products are locally sourced from other small businesses in the area. This means that when purchasing from Susan, you’re also supporting other local businesses! Using Instagram, she reaches out to entrepreneurs and expands her inventory with the handy items that she wants to share. With the variety of products that The Kitchen Table has to offer, Susan says that her shop “carries a little bit of something for everyone!” 

Susan remarked that her business would most appeal to anyone that loves to cook or eat! The Kitchen Table carries many products that are city-themed with many neighborhoods around the area which may also be a great gift for your loved ones. In order to be more accessible, The Kitchen Table also offers curbside pick-up as well as local delivery to make sure that all of their customers feel comfortable during their experience at the shop!

When asked about what differentiates her from other similar businesses, without hesitation, Susan stated that it truly is the personal connection that leads customers to come back for more. She even shared an anecdote about how a customer that was initially looking for a kitchen product at a larger business was frustrated with how the business was unable to understand and address her needs which led her to call The Kitchen Table instead. Even though Susan was not at the shop during this time, she was able to understand what the customer was looking for and even knew the exact location of where it would be in her shop! Since then, she says, the customer has never gone back to the larger business and instead, is a regular at The Kitchen Table! 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Kitchen Table has experienced a decline in sales as well as the significant transition from in-person to online. Now, The Kitchen Table is only able to do 2-3 person appointments in her shop. Not only this, but every year since their opening, The Kitchen Table hosted pop-ups, classes, and other events to increase their connection with the community. This year, however, these events have been cancelled. So in order to support Susan and The Kitchen Table, check out some of the amazing products that her business carries below! Or follow her journey on Facebook or Instagram @kitchentablesac!