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2620 Sunset Blvd #1, Rocklin, CA 95677

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Growing up, Angelique Miller never really liked meat. Combined with what her mother taught her about the importance of plants and eating healthy, it’s no wonder that Angelique turned vegetarian. Fast forward to a little more than a decade ago, she and a friend of hers came up with the idea of creating a restaurant that served fresh, healthy food that would be “a bridge between super healthy food and the normal American diet.” And thus, Zest Kitchen was born. 

Zest Kitchen has been around for about nine and half years and works to serve customers fresh and healthy versions of food that you would see in any other restaurant. Miller says that the biggest difference between her business and other vegan restaurants, is that the food on her menu is similar to what you would find in another regular restaurant. Angelique stated that “Vegan restaurants are typically ultra-healthy with all these totally different dishes that alienate people. It makes people feel like there is only a certain type of people that can be there and the atmosphere is totally unnatural.” 

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Angelique fixed that problem by creating a restaurant that has the perfect blend between healthy food and the standard American diet. Zest Kitchen uses fresh ingredients that Angelique buys from local farms and markets in Northern California and has a wide variety of gluten-free and allergy free dishes. In fact, Miller declared that nearly every dish in her restaurant is gluten and allergy free. The best part is that even if you don’t want some fancy vegan dish that you’ve never heard of before you could just get nachos. Granted, they’d be much healthier, but in the end they’re still nachos. 

In addition to the organic and fresh ingredients, Zest Kitchen also has terrific staff that treats the customers with respect and love. Miller reported that customers come in from all parts of town, even if they live way far out, because they love the food and the customer service is spectacular. Angelique mentioned that most people in her shop are vegetarians or people who were told to start a healthy diet by doctors, but she says that many others come into her shop as well. Zest has something for everyone, no matter who you are, or what your preference is. 

Angelique personally enjoys working with her staff, who are like family to her, and loves experimenting in her kitchen to create new and delicious foods. But her favorite part about Zest Kitchen is seeing the smiles on her customers’ faces after they’ve had a particularly good meal and great experience. Angelique likes to help out her community and believes that working at Zest Kitchen is the best way for her to do so. 

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, Angelique has had to pay much higher prices for essentials in her store. On the flip side, she is very impressed with her community and elated because although business has gone down, people still come around to support her shop: “I’m just so happy that people keep coming back even though most restaurants are shut down.” Check out some of Zest Kitchen's delicious foods, and click the foods to view their menu!